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4th Down

Transaction Services



Transaction services to help real estate brokers spend more time with their clients, and less with their computers. Let us handle your disclosures, deadlines and file management so you can meet more clients, and find more deals. We convert contracts, to closings. 

Our Servuces

Our Services


Helping brokers spend more time with their clients, rather than their computers. I offer a number of packages to tailor my services to whatever works best for you. 

Relationship Building

I can help bolster your relationship with your clients by providing high quality and consistent service to help get you and your client to the closing table. 

Increase Productivity

If you have questions or are interested in the packages that I offer, please complete the contact section. I will respond within one (1) business day.

 I will make sure you feel confident every step of the way. 

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Based in Northern Colorado, 4th Down began in a home office in Wellington, Colorado. After spending five years working with a local Real Estate Developer, I branched out on my own to utilize my skills as a highly organized, detail oriented, and consistently productive manager to assist Real Estate Brokers in Colorado with their transactions. 

After hemming and hawing for some time on how to pursue the dream of having my own business and where to begin, my mentor suggested that I meditate for clarity and to help illuminate my path forward. 

I was reflecting on this conversation as I was watching an NFL playoff game and I thought, "This is my kind of meditation," and the thought hit me like a bolt of lightening. On fourth down, football teams must gain a certain amount of yards in order to maintain control of the ball, in their pursuit to score. If they fail to convert by fourth down, the ball is given to the other team, giving the opposition a chance to score. By converting on fourth down, my team can move forward to score and win. 

Thus, 4th Down Transaction Services, LLC. was born. A company designed to help give Real Estate Brokers the tool they need to convert contracts to closings, to win. 

And yes, I am a big football fan. 

Ready to find out more?

I am ready to help you convert contracts to closings. Fill out the form below and I will respond within one business day with pricing and detailed package information

I am excited to work with you.  

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